Friday, February 12, 2010

Treebrooke Update February 12

We survived the snow storms. Our area looks gorgeous. Some people did a wonderful job cleaning the walking paths so that others could enjoy the days they could not drive.
The market is dormant. However there are still some properties that can be purchased:
2 townhouses in Arrowood - for 405k and 419k
1 townhouse with a garage in Treebrooke - for 525k.
There are two properties under contract : a townhouse and a condo unit in Treebrooke.
Two have been sold since Jan 1 - a townhouse and a condo unit. (The latter was in Treebrooke, offered for 329,5k and sold on the first day!)
You have to be careful not to underprice your property. Do not forget that Oakton is still a very desirable location, especially our area of Treebrooke with its proximity to the metro, metro bus, major roads, wonderful schools and shopping.
Info for renters: there are no properties on the rental market in our area as of today. Sorry!
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