Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sales and Rentals At Treebrooke area - February 28, 2010

Sales and Rentals at Treebrooke and surrounding subdivisions have been slow. As of today, there are 4 properties for sale: 3 townhouses : 1 in Treebrooke and 2 in Arrowood; and 1 condo unit in Treebrooke. The townhouses have been on the market for quite some time: 131 days in average. As for the condo unit, it just came to the market. It is a 2 BR 1 BA unit for 250k.

For those who are planning to buy, you should get prepapproved by a lender so that if a property you like comes to the market, you can act quickly. For clarification purposes, even if you are not the first-time buyer, if you can only enter in to a purchase contract before April 30, 2010, you can still qualify for $6,500 tax credit provided: you have lived in your current home for five consecutive years within the last eight.

Regarding rentals, there are no units for rent in Treebrooke. However, those who want to live nearby, there are 4 units for rent in Four Winds: from $1,100/mo to $1,500/mo.

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