Thursday, October 23, 2008

Other townhouses for sale

Many people are looking to buy a townhouse in Oakton. Just for comparison, you can see what other townhouses are available in Oakton today.

Other Available Condos in Oakton

These are some other condominiums in Oakton that are offered for rent.
In most cases, condo fee is included in a monthly rent.
I believe it is a good idea to lease with an option to purchase in the situation of an uncertain real estate market. You can contact me for more info on this.

Rent in the subdivision

Many people are asking about the possibility to rent in this neighborhood. For those who would like to first find out whether they will want to make Oakton their home town and rent for the time being, there are 2 properties available for rent in Treebrooke as of now:

Active Listings

As of today, there are 3 active listings in Treebrooke in MLS.

4 properties have been sold since June 1, 2008.

4 listings have been withdrawn from the market since January 1, 2008

Treebrooke market update

Hello! I live in Treebrooke and I know how wonderful it is to reside in this neighborhood. Despite the complexity of real estate market, Oakton still attracts many potential purchasers. You can learn about the town, its residents, schools on other web-sites. Interesting statistical data can be found on The town itself, its proximity to Vienna metro, I66; Rt123; Nottoway Park, Oak Marr Recreation Center; shops, restaurants, etc. makes it first priority when considering a move to Fairfax County. Every month, I'll be compiling the past month's resale data in Treebrooke subdivision - one of the best affordable subdivisions in the area. This will be a basic report. Looking forward to helping you with your real estate needs,