Thursday, October 11, 2018

Oakton Real Estate - For Sale and for Rent

Oakton Real Estate - For Sale and Rent - as of  October 11, 2018.

The market is very slow.Very few properties are on the market in Oakton for sale. Close to Treebrooke and surrounding areas are these as of  today:

The Oakton - two 2 BR units -295k and 330k
Treebrooke - 3 BR unit -315k
Four Winds - three 1 BR units-from 199k to 239k

Blakelee - 389k
Concord VIllage - 570k
Treebrooke - 409k
Wyant Property - 730k

single family houses:
Grays - $1,328,000
Hearthstone Village -$1,029,000
Oak Marr Courts - two properties - 719k and 825k

If you are looking to rent in Oakton, (Treebrooke and surrounding subdivisions), these properties are available:

Four Winds- two 1 BR units- $1,450/mo and $1,525/mo, 2 BR unit - $1,725/mo
The Oakton 2 BR unit - $1,900/mo
Trevor House - 3 BR unit - $1,800/mo

Cherrywood Square - two properties - $2,200/mo and $2,500/mo
Concord VIllage - three properties from $2,550/mo to $2,595/mo
Flint Hill Manor - 2 properties - $2,200/mo and $2,325/mo
Oakton Commons - $2,250/mo
Preston Heights - $2,395/mo
Treebrooke - $2,550/mo
Wyant Property -$3,200/mo

If you need help, want to look at these or any other properties, email your neighborhood expert at or leave a message at 703-937-0328. I will be happy to help you. Kamalia Emerson, RE/MAX Xecutex