Wednesday, February 25, 2009

February 25

There are 9 properties on sale in Treebrooke and close-by Vistas and Cherrywood Square today. The ones in Vistas are two 1 bedroom and one 2 bedroom units - , 200k, 215k and 260k accordingly; Cherrywood Square - 323k. There are also 3 units in Treebrooke (315km 425k and 275k) and two townhouses for 485k and 525k.
4 properties are under contract.
In the nearby Oakton subdivision you can find 2 units for sale : for 238.5k and 275k
Four winds has 9 units (from 196k to 365k); and Concord Village - a townhouse for 445k.
You can find a unit or townhouse in a very good shape and priced reasonably. With today's low interest rates, it is worth purchasing...

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