Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Oakton Real Estate - for Sale and for Rent

Oakton Real Estate - For Sale and Rent - as of  May 1, 2018.

The market is active. There are fewer properties on the market than buyers who are looking to buy. These are the properties that are on the market in Oakton close to Treebrooke and surrounding areas as of  today:

The Oakton - two 2 BR units- 310k each
Treebrooke - 2 BR unit - 300k ; 3 BR - 350k
Trevor House - 2 BR unit - 320k

Concord Village - two properties - 570k and 465k
Treebrooke - a gorgeous updated townhouse with a garage -  607k

single family houses:
Hearthstone Village - three houses - from $1,050,000 to $1,250,000
Grays - three properties -  $1,200,000 and $1,337,200, and 670k
Oak Marr Courts - $1,050,000
Oakton Crossing - $1,350,000

If you are looking to rent in Oakton, (Treebrooke and surrounding subdivisions), these properties are available:

Four Winds -two 1 BR units - $1,500/mo each; 2 BR unit - $1,670/mo
The Oakton - 3 BR unit - $2,150/mo

Concord Village - three properties - from $2,550/mo to $2,700/mo
Flint Hill Manor - 2 properties - $2,200/mo and $2,300/mo

If you need help, want to look at these or any other properties, email your neighborhood expert at kamaliaemerson@gmail.com or leave a message at 703-937-0328. I will be happy to help you. Kamalia Emerson, RE/MAX Xecutex

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