Sunday, April 10, 2016

Oakton Real Estate - For Sale and Rent

Oakton Real Estate - For Sale and Rent - as of  April 10, 2016.

The market is going crazy now.  There are lots of buyers and finally, sellers started putting their properties on the market for sale. These are the ones that are on the market in Oakton close to Treebrooke and surrounding areas as of  today:

Four Winds -1 BR unit - 230k; three 2 BR units  - from 260 to 270k
The Oakton - 3 BR - 325k
Treebrooke - 2 BR - 320k and 3 BR 1,740 SQFT UNIT IS COMING SOON - 345k
The Vistas - 1 BR unit - 185k
Vistas of Vienna - 3 BR - 319k

Arrowood -  470k
Blakelee - 379k
Cherrywood Square -two properties-  510k and 488k
Concord Village - 598k
Cyrandall Valley- 690k
Flint Hill Manor -  two properties - 439k and 400k
Oakborough Square - 585k
Treebrooke -three properties from 415k to 590k
Wyant Property -  698k

single family houses:
Millers Oakton Heights -two houses $1,800,000 and 800k
Hearthstone Village -  $1,050,000
Oak Marr Courts - 739k
Oakton Crossing - $1,300,000
Grays - $1,249,000

If you are looking to rent in Oakton, (Treebrooke and surrounding subdivisions), these properties are available:

Four Winds - 1 BR unit - $1,450/mo; two 2 BR units - $1,850/mo and $1,800/mo
Treebrooke- 3 BR unit -$1,850/mo
Vistas of Vienna  -  3BR unit - $1,800/mo
The Vistas - 1 BR - $1,350/mo
Trevor House - 2 BR - $1,650/mo

Arrowood - $2,500/mo
Barden Oaks - $2,850/mo
Blakelee -  $1,800/mo
Cyrandall Valley - $3,100/mo
Oak Village - $2,400/mo

Hearthstone Village:$4,500/mo

If you need help, want to look at these or any other properties, email your neighborhood expert at or leave a message at 703-937-0328. I will be happy to help you. Kamalia Emerson, RE/MAX Xecutex

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