Thursday, July 10, 2014

Oakton Real Estate - For Sale and Rent

Oakton Real Estate - For Sale and Rent - as of  July 10, 2014.

These properties are on the market in Treebrooke and surrounding areas today:

Four Winds -  1 BR - two units - 223k and 230k; 2 BR unit - 247k
The Oakton - 1 BR - 215k; five 2 BR units - 248k to 315k
The Vistas - 1 BR unit - 220k; 2 BR unit  - 259k; 3 BR - 280k
Vistas of VIenna - 3 BR unit - 283k

Flint Hill Manor -425k
Arrowood - 460k
Cherrywood Square - 490k
Evergreen Square -  425k
Treebrooke - 390k

single family houses:
Oakton -two houses -  780k and 875k
Bridges of Oakton - $2,250,000
The Crossings at Oakton - $2,099,000
Vale Vista Estates - 599k

If you just want to rent in Oakton, in Treebrooke and surrounding subdivision, these properties are available:

Four Winds - two 1 BR units - $1,450/mo and $1,400/mo; two 2 BR units - $1,650/mo and $1,600/mo
The Vistas - 2 BR unit - $1,645/mo
Trevor House - 2 BR - $1,750/mo
Vistas of Vienna  -1 BR unit - $1,275/mo; 3 BR unit- $1,900/mo

Arrowood - $2,300/mo
Cherrywood Square - $2,400/mo
Treebrooke - $2,850/mo

If you need help, want to look at these or any other properties, email your neighborhood expert at or leave a message at 703-937-0328. I will be happy to help you. Kamalia Emerson, RE/MAX Xecutex

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