Monday, April 14, 2014

Recent Sales and Rents in Treebrooke

Many people are asking me about the sale statistics in Treebrooke condominium.

If you are looking to buy a condo in Treebrooke, you need to know how high these units are sold for depending on the condition of the unit and its location.

Since 2013 till today,
2 BR 2 FB units were sold for:
294k - 2nd floor 10300 Bushman Dr
290k - 1st floor 10300 Bushman Dr
270k - 1st floor 10300 Bushman Dr
298k - 3rd floor 3031 Borge St
260k - 2nd floor 3031 Borge St
288k -  1st floor 10300 Bushman Dr
300k - 4th floor  2817 Jermantown Rd
296k  -  1st floor 3031 Borge St
3 BR 2 FB -
312k -  1st floor 10300 Bushman Dr
320k - 1st floor 2817 Jermantown Rd

For those looking to rent, this info may be useful:
1 BR unit - $1,425/mo
2 BR 1 FB unit - $1,650/mo
2 BR 2 FB - $1,800/mo
3 BR 2 FB - $1,800/mo - $2,000

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