Friday, October 2, 2009

Rentals Sales in Treebrooke - October 2

If you are looking for Rentals in Treebrooke and surrounding subdivisions, as of today there are 5 units you can find. In Trevor House - $1,500/mo for a 3 bedroom unit; Vistas - $1,500/mo for a 2 bedroom unit; Treebrooke - $1,800/mo for a 3 level townhouse; and $1,995/mo in Mayfair Manor. You can even sublease for $650/mo 1 bedroom 1 bath in a townhouse. All of them are close to the metro and metro bus; major roads; shopping.

If you hurry, you can still purchase a property and get $8,000 tax credit (provided you are a first-time buyer). You can even use it for closing costs. However, most lenders require that you get a ratified contract before October 15 to take advantage of the tax credit. In this location, you can get a townhouse for $410k. Two 2 bedroom units for $260k and $275k respectively. And a 3 bedroom unit for $350k.

A 3 bedroom 2 bath unit at 2817 Jermantown Rd. has just been sold for the listing price of $315k. No seller subsidy was given. And the appraised value was the same.

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