Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Active Listings

We are approaching the end of the month and this is what is going on in Treebrooke. 2 townhouses ($425,000 and $485,00) and 2 condo units ($275,000 and $315,000) are for sale.
You can click on this link to see the description http://matrix.mris.com/Matrix/Public/Email.aspx?ID=28736165901
One condo unit is under contract.


  1. My loan officer said I cannot buy based on my current credit standings. Will sellers sometimes consider a rental or lease with an option to purchase, say within 6 months or a year?

  2. Hello! Thank you for following my blog. Yes, it is certainly a possibility. Some sellers are comfortable with this. It is very important to have a contract which will cover all the details of the transaction. One of the negotiable terms of the lease option/lease purchase contracts is whether any of the rent will apply as a credit towards the purchase price, for example. Lease with an option is certainly one of the most creative forms of seller financing. To be on the safe side, have an attorney review the contract, before you sign it. Good luck! And let me know if I can help you with the search.